SFPE Education Testimonials

Denis Hellebuyck, Sohe Consulting Belgium, Belgium in reference to the 2013 Engineering Technology Conference in Austin, TX

"I recently graduated from the International Master in Fire Safety Engineering.  During these studies I lived in four different countries - Scotland, Sweden, Belgium and an internship in France - studying fire with my 20 classmates coming from 17 different countries. Now, starting my professional career as a fire safety engineer, SFPE is providing me with a similar international exposure as attendees of the 2013 Annual Meeting are coming from the USA to Saudi Arabia to China to Thailand and more more other countries."

April L. Hammond-Berkol, New York, NY in reference to the 2013 Engineering Technology Conference in Austin, TX

"This was an excellent conference, one of the best SFPE has held.  I enjoyed the keynote speakers as well as the selection of presentations."

John William Bolduc, CFT Engineering Inc., British Columbia, Canada in reference to the 2013 Advanced Fire Dynamics Simulator and Smokeview Seminar held in Austin, TX

"The SFPE has allowed me to tap into the knowledge base of professionals internationally.  While at the office there are ways to feed your professional development through internal guidance and study of the technical materials published by the SFPE, there is a unique valve that can only be obtained from receiving instruction first hand from industry professionals through SFPE."

Jerry Vuoso, International Paper, Memphis, TN  in reference to the 2010 SFPE Engineering Technology Conference and Exposition in New Orleans, LA.

"This annual event is one of the only times when experts from around the world meet to discuss and listen to presentations related to a broad array of topics of interest to Fire Protection Engineers. A vast spectrum of individuals including those representing academia, consultants, industry, manufacturers and insurers come together to network, learn and share. It's also a great time to meet old friends and catch up. This is an important annual event that everyone associated with fire protection engineering and associated fields should attend"
Jeffrey A. Talley, Aircon Corporation, Memphis, TN in reference to the 2010 Dust Explosion: Hazard Recognition, Assessment, and Management in New Orleans, LA.

"I wanted to seize this opportunity to say that I really appreciate all of the efforts that went into managing this past week's seminar in New Orleans. I attended this class on Dust Explosion Hazards. It was well executed and the instructor (John Cholin) was very knowledgeable about this subject. Overall, this was a rich and rewarding experience. I look forward to taking advantage of other continuing education opportunities at future SFPE events when applicable."

Ralph K. Foster, III, Foster Engineering & Consulting, LLC, Columbia, SC in reference to the 2010 SFPE Engineering Technology Exposition in New Orleans, LA.

"I always enjoy and benefit from attending the SFPE Technology Exposition. The Expo provides an update on research and introduces new technology in our field. The other great benefit is you leave with a deep appreciation for the wonderful fire protection engineers and scientist working to improve our world."

Jaime A. Moncada, IFSC, Highland, MD in reference to the 2010 Professional Development Seminars in New Orleans, LA.

"SFPE Professional Development Seminars are an excellent way to keep up with our changing profession. Many of the tools available today were not part of the curriculum when I studied fire protection engineering and therefore SFPE seminars are an excellent solution in continuing education."

Claire Frechette, P.Eng., ing., Government of Canada in reference to the 2009 SFPE Annual Meeting Week in Scottdale, AZ

"This was an extremely well-organized conference with very relevant and up to date technical sessions. It also offered an opportunity for exchange and discussion amongst peers that is second to none! The logistics for this event was impeccable starting with registration process where a friendly welcome awaited the participants. This set the tone for the next 5 days, there was not a glitch in the organization and the clear information in the participant's package contained all the details needed to plan our time to make the most of the conference. The choice for the venue was excellent; the Doubletree Resort offered a very comfortable and pleasant environment. Everything was put in place to ensure that we were well looked-after during the sessions as well as meal-time and during the breaks - the food was excellent. The technical sessions were extremely useful in terms of the information shared and the ensuing discussions. We were left with not only food for thought but also lots of technical issues and concerns to talk about during the breaks and informal get-togethers. Speaking of the social side, one of the elements that struck me most was the camaraderie that developed quickly amongst participants and the ease with which everyone could be approached. This led to lots of sharing of information about the different issues of our profession and jobs in different parts of the continent and of the world (Guam, Philippines, Japan, Italy, etc.). I noted a lot of information get-togethers amongst participants, even if they had just met, such that there were many options to go out for dinner or do some sightseeing with different groups every evening. In a nutshell, this is one of the most pleasant and energizing professional conferences I have attended. This was my first time attending, and certainly not my last. Toutes mes félicitations!"
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