Protecting an Aging Population With Cloud-Based Wireless Nurse Call
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Protecting an Aging Population With Cloud-Based Wireless Nurse Call

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As the North American population ages, an ever-increasing number of facilities catered to the needs of older people are being established. As a result, Personal Emergency Response (also known as "Nurse Call") systems are becoming more and more widespread. Used heavily throughout residential homes, assisted living, long term care and acute care facilities, Nurse Call systems enhance patient safety, reduce staff response times, and increase peace of mind for relatives.

Mircom's MiCare is the world's first cloud-based Nurse Call as a Service (NCaaS) solution for care facilities ranging from retirement to acute care. MiCare peripherals connect via smart gateways to cloud servers, providing alerts and reporting in real-time. From two-way voice response, to 100% accurate ultrasonic locating, to timely centralized reporting, MiCare combines the best of current technologies into a wireless MESH platform.

MiCare's smart gateway enables cloud-based services while maintaining redundancy in the facility in the case of Internet interruption. The product is entirely web-based, therefore not requiring any software installations. As a result, cross-platform usage by tablets and smart phones is simple.

MiCare also provides a unique and cost-effective financial model for facility owners, allowing them to match their revenues to expenses by only activating rooms that are occupied, thereby creating the first NCaaS solution.

MiCare is changing the face of care-giving by reducing patient stress, improving well-being, and ultimately making facilities less bed-centric. MiCare reporting is centralized and archived on the cloud, allowing for analytics that identify care trends and help facility managers act on data, improving services. Coming down the pipeline, MiCare is adding a non-intrusive predictive fall alert system.

MiCare is a proud nominee for an Edison Award in the Lifestyle & Social Impact category. Edison award winners represent "game changing" products, services, excellence and leadership in innovation.

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