Expanding the Adoption of Performance-Based Structural Fire Design in the US

When:  May 10, 2022 from 11:00 to 12:30 (ET)
One of the most promising tools for designing, analyzing, and evaluating thermal effects on structural systems due to fire is Performance-Based Structural Fire Design (PBSFD). Introduced in ASCE 7-16, Appendix E, PBSFD is an approach that permits the explicit evaluation of a structure’s ability to meet specific performance objectives under a variety of realistic design fire scenarios, unlike current prescriptive methods where satisfactory performance is implicit. PBSFD contributes to further understanding of risk to life, property, and economic losses that may occur from fire, and integrates fire with the other performance-based design methods for other design hazards in the US such as seismic and wind.Used in conjunction with performance-based fire protection, PBSFD will help deliver more resilient structures that meet identified goals and objectives. This webinar will provide an overview of a more detailed educational program being launched by SFPE and ICC in 2022. This webinar and the educational program are geared to those who affect the design, construction, or regulatory approvals of buildings.

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