Premium Webinar: A Framework for More Robust Fire Safety Engineering – Greater Design Responsibility

When:  Mar 9, 2022 from 15:00 to 16:30 (ET)
In many countries, performance-based design for fire safety has been held back by a lack of the discipline being seen as a full and proper profession. The contention is that many fire safety engineers lack the high-level design skills and experience to lead the fire safety design of buildings and infrastructure from the early concept design stage through to the project completion stage and handover. As a result, fire safety engineers often end up more as technological analysts, justifying design solutions proposed by others. In Australia, research at the Warren Centre and more recent research have suggested if fire safety engineers can achieve greater competency in design, take the lead and responsibility for all aspects of fire safety, and demonstrate their great value to clients and designs teams they will achieve enhanced professional status and recognition and reward. This means adopting a holistic and integrated approach to the development of the fire safety strategy and the detailed package of fire safety measures and all their specifications, as well as comprehensive inspection and commissioning regimes for which the fire safety engineer takes responsibility. An essential ingredient of this whole approach to reform is proper recognition of competency professional accreditation and registration, which incorporates audit and enforcement functions to keep competition between design consultants on a level playing field. The result will be better quality and safer outcomes for buildings, infrastructure, and all their occupants.