SFPE Lund Award for Professional Recognition

The Board of Directors established the D. Peter Lund Award in 1997 to recognize significant contributions to the advancement of the professional recognition of the fire protection engineer. This award honors D. Peter Lund, CAE, the Society's first executive director.

When D. Peter Lund, CAE, was named the first executive director of SFPE in 1971, the membership stood at 1,950, the annual budget was $55,000, and there were 21 chapters. Publications included the newsletter "The Bulletin," the quarterly "Fire Technology" (published by NFPA and sponsored by SFPE), and a "Yearbook." The annual meeting and technical sessions were incorporated into the NFPA Annual Meeting and organized by the local chapter. The staff numbered two - an executive director and a secretary. Headquarters were at 60 Batterymarch St., Boston.

Over the next 25 years, Lund grew the Society by creating "Technology Reports," the "Journal of Fire Protection Engineering," the "Handbook of Fire Protection Engineering," short courses, symposia, cosponsored events with NIST, ASTM, AICHE, API, NRC-Canada, NFSA, AFSA, and Engineering-News Record. Lund continued to create an independent annual meeting for the Society, FPE-PE registration in the USA, the Foundation, the Corporate 100 program, and strategic plans. Under his leadership, the Society doubled in membership and chapter growth. He was elected president of the Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives (CESSE) for the 1989-90 term.

Lund earned a BA from Tufts University in 1959, an MBA from Northeastern University in 1970, and the CAE designation in 1972. Before SFPE, he was an officer in the United States Navy, serving as chief engineer on a destroyer escort and commanding several reserve minesweepers. He also spent seven years with a trade association representing the distribution of gas utilities in New England.

2024 Recipient


David Grossmann

Prior Recipients

  • D. Peter Lund, CAE (1998)
  • George E. Toth (1999)
  • James L. Linville (2000)
  • Kenneth W. Dungan, PE (2001)
  • Jane I. Lataille, PE (2002)
  • Wayne D. Moore, PE (2003)
  • William E. Koffel, Jr., PE (2004)
  • Timothy Callahan, PE (2005)
  • Robert M. Gagnon, PE, FSFPE (2006)
  • Kathleen H. Almand, PE, FSFPE (2007)
  • Laura Bradbury Green, PE (2008)
  • Richard L. P. Custer, FSFPE (2009)
  • Craig L. Beyler, PhD, FSFPE (2009)
  • Philip J. DiNenno, PE, FSFPE (2009)
  • D. Dougal Drysdale, PhD, FSFPE (2009)
  • John R. Hall, Jr., PhD (2009)
  • William D. Walton, PE, FSFPE (2009)
  • John M. Watts, Jr., PhD, FSFPE (2009)
  • Samuel S. Dannaway, PE, FSFPE (2010)
  • Ai Sekizawa, Dr. Eng. (2011)
  • John A. Frank, PE (2012)
  • Michael A. Crowley, PE, FSFPE (2013)
  • Michael Stromgren (2014)
  • Raymond A. Grill, PE, FSFPE (2015)  
  • Guillermo Rein, PhD (2016)
  • Geza Szakats, PE (2017)
  • Hal R. Sanders, PE, (2018)
  • Anthony J. Militello, PE, FSFPE (2019)
  • Ofodike A. "DK" Ezekoye, PhD, PE (2020)
  • Kevin J. LaMalva, PE (2021)
  • Jack Poole, PE, FSFPE (2022)
  • Kees Both (2023)