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SFPE Europe is a digital magazine produced by SFPE. The mission of SFPE Europe is to highlight the practice of fire protection engineering and fire safety engineering in Europe and to showcase current research being done in the field. The opinions and positions stated are the authors’ and do not necessarily reflect those of SFPE. SFPE Europe is published digitally quarterly.

Current Issue

Issue 9 Digital Version


Issues 2015-2018 are open access to everyone.

SFPE Europe Editorial Advisory Board

Jimmy Jönsson, JVVA Fire & Risk

Kees Both, Promat Research and Technology Centre NV

Michael Strömgren, Briab - Brand och Riskingenjörerna AB

Technical Editor

Chris Jelenewicz, P.E., FSFPE, SFPE

Managing Editor

Jimmy Jönsson

Production Manager

Melissa Franco


Brian Mark, SFPE Media and Event Sales

SFPE Europe Members

  • Benelux Chapter President: Peter van de Leur
  • French Chapter President: Armelle Muller
  • Italian Chapter President: Simone Sacco
  • Polish Chapter President: Piotr Tofilo
  • Portugal Chapter President: Paulo Prata Ramos
  • Spanish Chapter President: Jimmy Jönsson
  • Swedish Chapter President: Emma Norwall
  • U.K. Chapter President: Gary Daniels

Interested in Contributing?

To be considered for publication, articles submitted should be free of commercial bias and should provide fresh insights that are sound and relevant to practicing fire protection engineers. Articles should describe problems and solutions from which readers can learn. Descriptions of solutions should clearly communicate lessons learned-how-to insights deduced from experience and explained through examples.

Authors are asked to comply with the Style Sheet for Fire Protection Engineering. Articles submitted should cite authoritative references whenever applicable.

All articles accepted will be reviewed by the magazine's editorial board. Authors will be asked to respond to any comments that are provided by members of the editorial board. All articles accepted will be published with the understanding that publication has been approved by the necessary authority.

Please submit articles to:
Chris Jelenewicz, Technical Editor
9711 Washingtonian Blvd, Suite 380
Gaithersburg, MD 20878 USA

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