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Nordic Countries Develop Fire Safety Specification

Nordic Countries Develop Fire Safety Specification

The INSTA TS 950 specification, Fire Safety Engineering - Comparative Method to Verify Fire Safety Design in Buildings, was published in March 2014. The specification is the result of Nordic collaboration to facilitate and harmonize fire safety engineering.
According to a issue #50-2014 article in Brandposten magazine, prior to the specification, Nordic countries applied different acceptance criteria for the design of evacuation routes. "For critical temperatures, this could mean differences from 60 to 100 C, which cannot be explained by differences in the populations of the countries. On the contrary, there are strong reasons for the Nordic countries in particular, with their strong cultural links, to apply the same methods and principles."
The article also cites a three-year cooperative study between Nordic countries, known as the Fire Safety Engineering for Innovation and Sustainable Building Solutions project. Fifteen companies are participating, representing all Nordic countries. The objective is to place greater emphasis on standardization of methods for verifying fire safety engineering.