Four months into 2022 and here comes the first opportunity to read a number of interesting articles in our first issue of the year, another opportunity from SFPE to share knowledge among us. This is our eighth year of delivering high quality articles to all of you.

Unfortunately, the ongoing war in Ukraine is casting its shadow on most things these days, SFPE has started some initiatives in order to try to help with the situation, please read about that in the “Message from the SFPE Europe Council Chair”.

In this issue we have a widespread of different topics, some of which I considered “emerging issues” (“Green Buildings” & “Elderly at home”). There are a number of fire related topics that are closely related to climate change, ageing population, and energy. There is a need for us to start to take these topics a lot more into consideration and simply just start to work on them (read plan ahead for them). In future numbers we will always include some of these topics, fire safety is not only advanced engineering solutions to solve problem; it can also be much simpler than that. Just thinking about mass refugee camps (created due to climate change, wars, economy, etc.); when it comes to fire safety for those type of settlements we need to go back to basics to solve problems (distances between “fire loads”, construction materials, alternative escapes…basically a first principles approach), a new advanced detection algorithm for a fire detector won’t solve the problems we encounter for these situations.

SFPE is not only there for our fire safety engineers working on the projects, we need to expand beyond that mindset and also look into where else we can make a difference (SFPE's mission is to define, develop, and advance the use of engineering best practices; expand the scientific and technical knowledge base; and educate the global fire safety community, in order to reduce fire risk) these “emerging issues” will sooner or later become part of our fire safety engineering projects.    

If there are readers out there that feel that you have an important subject that you would like to share with the industry do not hesitate to contact us, we can make that happen.

As always, a great thanks to the people who have put in a lot of time and effort to make this issue a reality.

The next issue will come in July. 

Yours sincerely,


 Jimmy Jönsson, Managing Editor