Fire Safety for Very Tall Buildings

Publisher: SFPE Publish Date: 2013
Pages: 218 ISBN: 978-1-60983-453-1

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This guide is a collaborative effort by SFPE and the International Code Council (ICC) that addresses the complex fire protection challenges of very tall buildings. It provides information on the special topics that affect the fire safety performance of very tall buildings and their occupants during a fire. 

Engineers, architects, building officials, contractors, and others involved in the construction of new tall buildings or renovation and alteration of existing tall buildings will benefit from this guide.

Topics covered:

  • History
  • International practices
  • Hazard, risk, and decision analysis
  • Reliability of systems
  • emergency egress
  • Facades
  • Detection and alarm
  • First responder issues
  • Buildings under construction
  • Commissioning
  • Components of performance-based design
  • Unique features of tall buildings
  • Integration of building systems
  • Situation awareness
  • Fire resistance
  • Suppression
  • Smoke control
  • Electrical
  • Building life cycle management
  • Inspection, testing, and maintenance