S.01 -- Calculating Fire Exposures to Structures

Standard S.01 - Calculating Fire Exposures to Structures

Publisher: SFPE Publish Date: 2011
Pages: 34 ISBN: 978-0-925223-05-0

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Performance-based design of structural fire resistance entails three steps:

  1. determination of the fire exposure to the structure,
  2. calculation of the thermal response of the structure to the fire exposure, and
  3. production of the structural response. This standard provides methods for the first of these steps.

This standard addresses fully developed fire exposures, which include fully-developed fires within an enclosure and localized fires that are not affected by an enclosure. Fires within an enclosure are considered to be spatially uniform, while local fire exposures are not.

Topics covered in this standard include determining whether a fire exposure should be considered as a local fire or an enclosure fire, prediction of fire exposures within an enclosure, prediction of heat fluxes from local fires, and documentation of the analysis. An extensive commentary provides background and guidance for the requirements in the standard. (Hardbound, 34 pp., 2011)