How to Start A Chapter

SFPE has four different types of chapters, there are few differences in the start-up process. In each case the process is fairly straightforward. They all start with holding an informal meeting of interested professionals to gauge interest in forming a chapter. Typically, a group needs a core of 10 volunteers to launch a chapter.  If the group agrees to participate in the effort, you are well on your way to forming a SFPE Chapter. Networking Chapters are designed to be successful as small groups.  Incorporated Chapter will need at least 25 to start and 100 members to be sustainable based on the fact that studies show 10% of the membership will take on leadership roles and you need at least 10 people managing the chapter to be successful.  The Affiliate Chapter (outside North America) will vary.  

The 4 types of chapter are:

Typical steps for a New Chapter:

After the exploratory team agrees to pursue being a chapter and determines the type of chapter, the team needs to submit the following items to SFPE for approval.

  • Letter of request to form a chapter
  • Chapter Charter
  • List of organizing members and officers
  • Bylaws/governance document
  • Faculty Advisory (Student Chapter Only)

Your request will be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.  Once approved, you will be forwarded a signed Chapter Charter and certificate.

For questions on how to start a chapter, please contact SFPE Director of Membership and Chapter Relations.