SFPE Foundation WUI Summit

When:  Feb 15, 2023 from 10:00 to 15:00 (ET)

Over the past three years, the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) has been developing a model to engage our community of researchers and practitioners in developing and implementing engineering solutions, all of which are guided by answering the question: “What can fire engineering contribute to addressing the problem of fire and related hazards in the WUI?” Since January 2022, more than 100 volunteers from around the world have worked to answer this question through the SFPE Foundation WUI Working Group Initiative. 

Divided into three module teams: (1) Individual Asset Protection, (2) Community Notification & Evacuation, and (3) Community Wildland Fire Protection, this group has completed a draft outline of the scope and range of areas where fire engineering can contribute practical knowledge, tools, and methods globally. Now, we are seeking feedback and input from a broader range of stakeholders operating in the Wildland-Urban Interface – including practitioners, partner organizations and agencies, government, companies, academic researchers, fire service personnel, among others – who can help guide this work so that we identify and prioritize the areas of greatest need where engineering-based solutions can have the greatest impact. This is a working meeting, free and open to all, and active participation is encouraged. Please join us to help shape the future of fire engineering in the WUI.