FPE Emerging Trends Newsletter Archives

From 2006 to 2015, SFPE partnered with Penton Media to produce Emerging Trends, a digital newsletter. The feature article from each issue is included in this archive.

In 2016, Emerging Trends was renamed FPE eXTRA. While Fire Protection Engineering Magazine became a member-only benefit in 2016, FPE eXTRA is available to anyone interested in fire protection engineering, fire safety engineering and allied fields.

2015 Issues

Issue 106 SFPE Chapter Works to set Minimum Standards for Fire Protection Engineering in State of Oklahoma
Issue 105 Significant Changes to the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code®
Issue 104 Sprinkler System Seismic Research Moves to the Laboratory
Issue 102 Development of a Cyber Physical System Test Bed for Fire Safety
Issue 101 Pathways to Building Fire Spread in the Wildland-Urban Interface
Issue 100 Robotics in Firefighting
Issue 99 Fires in Photovoltaic Systems: Lessons Learned from Fire Investigations in Italy
Issue 97 Fire Hazards of Exterior Wall Assemblies Containing Combustible Components
Issue 96 The Basis for Recommending the 520 Hz Fire Alarm Signal


2014 Issues

Issue 95 Changes to NFPA 101®, Life Safety Code®, 2015 Edition
Issue 94 Intelligibility Requirements of NFPA 72 – Dispelling the Myths
Issue 93 Maintaining Sprinkler Systems As They Age
Issue 92 Fire Concerns with Roof-Mounted Solar Panels
Issue 91 NFPA 3 & 4 – What’s New?
Issue 89 Applying Reliability Based Decision Making to ITM Frequency
Issue 88 Aircraft Hangar High Expansion Foam Incident
Issue 87 Public Risk Perception of Elevator Evacuation in High-Rise Buildings
Issue 86 Fire Safety Challenges Associated With Water Conservation Measures in Australia
Issue 85 An Overview of Research of Occupant Movement in Building Stairwells
Issue 84 Changes to the 2015 International Building Code
Issue 83 Current Concerns and Associated Research on Fires in Tunnels
Issue 82 Earthquake and Post-Earthquake Fire Performance
Issue 81 Changes in the 2014 Edition of NFPA 25

2013 Issues

Issue 79 New Standards for Engineering Design of Structural Fire Protection
Issue 78 Fixed Fire Fighting Systems for Road Tunnels
Issue 77 Stadium and Arena Design
Issue 76 Risk Considerations for Data Center Fire Protection
Issue 75 Application of Scale Fire Modeling
Issue 74 Clean Agent Enclosure Design
Issue 73 Effects of Radiant Heat Flux on Clean Agent Performance for Class-C Fires
Issue 72 Assessment of Total Evacuation Systems for Tall Buildings
Issue 71 Disaster Creep – Why Disaster and Catastrophe are the Norm - not the Exception
Issue 70 Meeting the Requirements for Continuing Education
Issue 69 Audibility vs. Intelligibility of Fire Alarm Systems
Issue 68 Directional Sound Performance Testing
Issue 67 Emergency Communication in Buildings: General Guidance for Message Providers
Issue 66 Meeting Sustainability Goals through Integration of Fire Alarm and Building Controls

2012 Issues

Issue 65 Bringing Science to the Street: UL and Firefighter Safety Research
Issue 64 NFPA-72 2013 – Most Significant Changes
Issue 63 Changes to the 2013 edition of NFPA 13
Issue 62 Home Fire Sprinklers
Issue 61 A Summary Comparison of Fire Alarm System Requirements in the United States and United Kingdom
Issue 60 New Guide on Fire Safety in Very Tall Buildings
Issue 59 The Latest in Antifreeze Sprinkler Systems
Issue 58 Building Information Modeling and FPE
Issue 57 Clean Agent Design Requirements Continue to Evolve
Issue 56 Challenges in Estimating Smoke Detector Response
Issue 55 Elevator Messaging Strategies
Issue 54 SFPE Guidelines for Substantiating a Fire Model for a Given Application (May)
Issue 54 The New Mass Notification Standard: UL 2572 (April)
Issue 53 NFPA 3 and NFPA 4 - Separating Commissioning from Integrated Testing
Issue 52 Changes to NFPA 101 Relevant to Health Care Occupancies

2011 Issues

Issue 51 A Briefing on NFPA 92 - Standard for Smoke Control Systems
Issue 50 Changes to the 2012 International Building Code
Issue 49 Fire Safety for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles
Issue 48 Fire safety or the environment - is it necessary to choose?
Issue 47 Dust Explosions - A Solvable Problem
Issue 46 The Top Ten Changes in the 2011 Edition of NFPA 25
Issue 45 Lithium ion battery safety challenges and UL's efforts to address them
Issue 44 NFPA Guide on Methods for Evaluating Fire Hazard to Occupants of Passenger Road Vehicles
Issue 43 NFPA 72 2010 - Most Significant Changes

2010 Issues

Issue 42 Estimating Material Properties for Fire Modeling
Issue 41 Salaries Earned by Fire Protection Engineers
Issue 40 Does The Construction Of The Pallet Pose A Warehousing Issue?
Issue 39 Evaluating the Fire Threat from Upholstered Furniture
Issue 38 Applications of Elevators for Occupant Egress in Fires
Issue 37 Firefighter Safety Research at the University of Maryland
Issue 36 Fire Protection and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
Issue 35 Fire Protection Engineering in the Middle East

2009 Issues

Issue 34 Top Ten Changes to NFPA 13 - 2010 Edition
Issue 33 Emerging Trends in Fire Pump
Issue 32 Defining Exposure at the Wildland Urban Interface - Challenges and Pitfalls
Issue 31 Application and Benefits of Performance-Based Designed Fire Detection Systems
Issue 30 Fire Protection Research and Beyond: The Next 25 Years
Issue 29 Changes to the 2010 National Fire Alarm and Signaling Systems Code
Issue 28 Residential Sprinklers Required in the International Residential Code
Issue 27 Issues Identified Within ICC'S Ad Hoc Committee on Terrorism-Resistant Buildings That May Impact Fire Protection Engineering
Issue 26 Changes to the International Fire Code
Issue 25 Changes to the International Building Code

2008 Issues

Issue 24 Trends in Exterior Curtain Walls
Issue 23 Status of the Use of Elevators in Fires
Issue 22 NFPA 720 Scope Expands
Issue 21 Flame and Smoke Video Image Detection (VID)
Issue 20 Fire Protection at the U.S. Capitol Complex
Issue 19 Changes to the 2008 Edition of NFPA 25
Issue 18 Highlights of New and/or Revised Requirements in the Ninth Edition of UL 864
Issue 17 Version 5 of Fire Dynamics Simulator and Smokeview Released

2007 Issues

Issue 16 Trends in Interior Finish Requirements
Issue 15 Required Fire Resistance Ratings for Structural Building Elements
Issue 14 Site Access Control is Critical for Emergency Responders
Issue 13 Significant Changes to Means of Egress in the 2006 International Building Code
Issue 12 Recent Developments in Smoke Management Systems (with 2012 issues)
Issue 11 Security Window Film
Issue 10 NFPA 72-2007 - Most Significant Changes
Issue 9 Changes to the 2007 Edition of NFPA 13

2006 Issues

Issue 8 Escape from New York - The Use of Photoluminescent Pathway-marking Systems in High-Rise Office Buildings
Issue 7 Emerging Trends in Firestopping
Issue 6 Replacement of Fire Alarm Systems in Existing Buildings
Issue 5 Clean Agent Fire Suppression Update
Issue 4 Emerging Trends in Water Supplies
Issue 3 Improving the Technical Basis for Testing and Design of Fire-Resistant Structures
Issue 2 Advances in Fire Alarm Technology
Issue 1 Advances in Sprinkler Technology