In light of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), the Engineering Solutions for Cultural and Heritage Sites Symposium until 2021. SFPE is monitoring issues and concerns related to the global novel coronavirus outbreak. Learn more here


SFPE Engineering Solutions Symposium:
Fire Protection of 
Cultural & Heritage Sites

The world has been astonished by the destructive fires that have occurred recently at the Brazilian National Museum in September 2018, Notre Dame in April 2019, and Shuri Castle in Okinawa, in October 2019. SFPE is organizing a symposium in Rome to discuss adequate fire protection engineering solutions that should be adopted to avoid future catastrophic fires.

Join industry leaders and cultural organizations from across the world in 2021, and help in the protection of our cultural and heritage sites.


Symposium Agenda

*Draft agenda as of 02/21/2020

Conference Program Committee

Kees Both Luciano Nigro
* Mike Coull
* Michael Crowley
* Jose Luis Fernandez
* Glenn Horton
* Jimmy Jönsson
* Martin Kristoffersen
* Christopher Marrion
* Robert Jansson McNamee
* Maggie Mojab
* Armelle Muller
* Luca Nassi
* Benjamin Ralph
* Paulo Ramos
* Karl Wallasch
* Wojciech Wegrzynski




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