The Student Scholar Award

The Student Scholar Award was established in 2006 by the Board of Governors of the SFPE Foundation to recognize students who are performing research to advance the science and practice of fire protection engineering. The Foundation's Board of Governors makes the selection annually. Nominations are accepted from undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students and are judged on scientific quality and relevance of their research to the fire protection engineering profession.

The recipient of this award receives a $1,000 honorarium from the SFPE Foundation.

2017 Recipients

Nicholas A. Traina, Ph.D.

Prior Recipients

  • Allan Jowsey, University of Edinburgh (2006)
  • Kevin LaMalva, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (2007)
  • Rani A. Kady, Old Dominion University (2008)
  • James O'Neill, University of Canterbury (2010)
  • Kurt J. Schebel, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (2011)
  • Johan Andersson, Lund University (2012)
  • Axel Jonsson, Lund University (2012)
  • Isaac Leventon, University of Maryland (2013)
  • Alistair Bartlett, University of Edinburgh for research on Charring Rates for Cross Laminated Timber Under Standard and Non-Standard Heating Scenarios (2014)
  • Karl Fridolf, Ph.D., Lund University for research on Rail Tunnel Evacuation (2015)
  • Aoife Hunt, Ph.D., University of Greenwich for research on Simulating Hospital Evacuation (2016)
  • Nicholas A. Traina, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2017)
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