SFPE Jensen Award for Committee Service


The Rolf H. Jensen Award recognizes persons who have rendered unselfish, extraordinary service on an SFPE committee which contributes to SFPE's goals and to the profession of fire protection engineering.

Rolf H. Jensen, P.E. started his career at Underwriters Laboratories and continued on to serve as professor and chairman of the Department of Fire Protection Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). Jensen left IIT to start Rolf Jensen and Associates. The firm went on to become one of the largest consulting engineering firms in the field (now Jensen Hughes).

Among his many notable achievements, Jensen was appointed chairman by Mayor Richard J. Daley to investigate the 1967 McCormick Place fire in Chicago. Jensen was active in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), where he served on numerous technical committees. Jensen served on the NFPA automatic sprinkler committee for 37 years and chaired the NFPA 13 New Technology Subcommittee during a period that saw many advancements in sprinkler technology. Jensen wrote the book "Fire Protection for the Design Professional" and received numerous awards, including the NFPA's Partners in Public Education Award in 1994 for his work in collaborative public education efforts, and service awards from the NFPA and the SFPE in the 1990s. He served as SFPE's President from 1987-1989.

Jensen is widely credited for achieving acceptance of fire protection engineering as part of the design process.

The award is endowed by Jensen Hughes and the recipient also receives a $1,000 honorarium. While Jensen Hughes endows the Rolf Jensen Award, Jensen Hughes is not involved in the award criteria and the selection of the award recipient.

2023 Recipient


Joshua Greene

Prior Recipients

  • Jeffrey L. Harrington, PE, FSFPE
  • John A. Frank, P.E., FSFPE (2021)
  • Traci Bangor, P.E. (2020)
  • Paul F. Hart, P.E., FSFPE (2019)
  • Scott A. Futrell, P.E, FSFPE (2018)
  • Timothy A. Hawthorne (2017)
  • Frederick W. Mowrer, Ph.D., P.E., FSFPE (2016)
  • April Leyla Hammond, FSFPE (2015)
  • Ann Jeffers, Ph.D. (2014)
  • Anthony J. Militello, P.E. (2013)
  • Kevin McGrattan, Ph.D., HSFPE (2012)
  • Craig Hofmeister, PE, FSFPE (2011)
  • J. Kenneth Richardson, P.Eng., FSFPE (2010)
  • Beth A. Tubbs, P.E., FSFPE (2009)
  • David Allan Coutts, Ph. D. (2008)
  • William B. Till, Jr. (2007)
  • Brian M. McGraw, P.E. (2006)
  • Daniel J. O'Connor, P.E. FSFPE (2005)
  • Dean K. Wilson, P.E. (2004)
  • Gregory Jakubowski, P.E., FSFPE (2003)
  • Jack A. Mawhinney, P.Eng. (2002)
  • Ralph R. Kerwin, P.E. (2001)
  • Eric R. Rosenbaum, P.E. (2000)
  • Edwin R. Bayley, P.E. (1999)
  • David R. Bouchard, P.E. (1998)
  • Richard J. Davis, P.E. (1993)
  • Nora H. Jason (1992)
  • Henry J. Perrault, P.E. (1991)
  • James R. Quiter, P.E. (1990)
  • John M. Watts, Jr. (1989)
  • W. Douglas Walton, P.E., FSFPE (1989)
  • Richard L. P. Custer (1989)
  • Craig L. Beyler, Ph. D., FSFPE (1989)
  • James A. Milke, P.E., Ph. D. FSFPE (1988)